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The Idea Experts LLC not only has the experience to develop your idea from an sketch to a product, we also specialize in introducing finished products with an optimal margin to Walmart and other large retailers.  We specialize in Walmart because of our time spent developing and introducing products to Walmart. If you have a near finished or finished product with an optimal margin we can introduce it to Walmart.  How this works-we introduce your product under our supplier number using our contacts and relationships with buyers that we have developed over the years.  We charge a 1 time fee that is paid if your product is approved and set up on and  In order to successfully introduce any product to Walmart there needs to be an optimal margin available.  We are simply acting as a rep service under our supplier number.  You provide us with inventory and we fill the orders as they come in on or  We take a small percentage of sales based on your products cost and margin.  We cut you monthly checks from what sells minus our commission.  You will get detailed reports on your products performance through access to Supplier Center.  If you are interested in becoming a supplier we can help in that process also.  We can consult and show the road map on how to become a supplier and aid you in every step of the way until you are an approved supplier.  Once that occurs, I resign as your rep and you fill orders direct from Walmart.  We charge a 1 time consulting fee to oversee the process in becoming a Walmart Supplier. 

The Idea Experts LLC has a proven and a history of accomplishments that can be easily found.  We have invented, innovated, patented, and brought to market several products that are sold at Walmart and other large retailers and also worldwide.  We have over a decade of product development experience that we have achieved ourselves.  We have covered every aspect of product development from the idea, to the patent, to the manufacturing in China, to the presentation to Walmart buyers.  We have actually done this ourselves, all of it, including the patent.  We don't guess what works, we know from experience.  We have added an additional element to our current business.  The Idea Experts is  offering to help introduce your developed product to Walmart and other large retailers for 1 flat fee and a small commission or we can take your product to Walmart and help push sales for a 1 time consulting fee.  All of our services protect you and your product with an NDA that we sign, also non competes and a clearly worded contract stating that we will not pursue your product in anyway before, during, or after the development and introduction to any retailer.  We will not begin services until a contract, and 200.00 non-refundable deposit is taken.  

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Walmart is very different than all other retailers.  Walmart allows store and market managers the ability to order quantities of any approved product.  Meaning, that if we are able to get product approval from the buyer we are able to sell not only on but also direct to the store.  This method allows us to expand and sell to Walmart's all over the US by going store to store.  Once your product is approved we will coach you on how to approach stores and markets and also how to do product demos at the store level which are called retail tainment.  If there is interest in your product the manager will cut a PO on the spot which will be merchandised at that time.  Our commission structure is basic.

  • If we sell and merchandise your product we collect 2.00 per unit sold.
  • If you sell and merchandise your product we collect 1.00 per unit sold.
  • If there is an order from and we fulfill and ship we collect 1.00 per unit sold.

These figures are up to 10000 units.  If we gain introduction into the modular the number be reduced to .25 per unit.

Product development package

1200.00 includes all fees and costs.

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1 time fee for product introduction paid upon product approval. 


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Products that are developed ready for introduction to market

The Idea Experts LLC write up in Entrepruneur

3500.00 includes all fees and costs

We Bring ideas to life!

Combined package of product development all the way to becoming an approved Walmart supplier paid upon completion of all steps. 5,000.00

1 time fee for product introduction plus consulting fee contigent upon product approval and approval of supplier process.


  • Discuss the market size to determine if their is actually something to scale.
  • locate and purchase the domain name under you as the owner.
  • Do a trademark and patent search on
  • Understand who is the customer, who, what, where, when.
  • Help understand the concept and begin the drawing and art phase.
  • Outline a business plan.
  • Putting pen to paper and developing the actual concept.
  • Pass the sketch to the graphic artist to rebuild.
  • Begin the Patent Pending process and registration of trademark.
  • Locate correct manufacturers in China.
  • Create sales sheets for the product.
  • Build a five page website through Go Daddy.