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​My name is John Mack, and people that know me would agree that I connect dots in an effort to solve problems. Dots in my world equal people, places and things. I know a lot of people, in a lot of places, who do a lot of things--many things. It's what I've done my entire life.  When I have an idea, and it provides a solution or answer to a problem, and it syncs in my brain, the process starts.  On the flip side, If I'm approached by someone who has an idea that syncs with my inquisitive nature, and perhaps provides a solution or answer to a problem, I can bring that concept to an actual product ready for market.  Its what I do!

From our humble beginnings working in my spare bedroom, we have transitioned through a plethora of highs and lows. The Idea Experts, LLC started out with the creation of a clothing company known as Korupt Klothing. Korupt Klothing was successful and well received in the designated target market of action sports. To increase profit margins, we began outsourcing some of the garments in China and we began to learn to the "tricks of the trade" for outsourcing production.  As time went on, our market share in the clothing industry began increasing and  we came up with a unique idea that would compliment the Korupt Klothing clothing line. This was such a novel idea that shortly after its inception the sales of this item grew exponentially and overtook the clothing line which eventually directed us to another market completely. The product was a novelty item that took the world by storm and it was born from a simple sketch on a napkin of a pole dancer hanging on the antenna of a vehicle. We named the dolls Korupt Kittens as it was originally designed to compliment the Korupt Klothing line.  When the Korupt Kittens antenna dolls were launched they were an instant success. This particular business venture was the road map to all the different moving parts involved in a product based business. We navigated through every business aspect of manufacturing the dolls in China. We were dealing with brokers and directly with manufacturers and factories in China. This venture is also where our first business meetings with buyers from large companies such as Spencer's Gifts, Hooters, and many others specialty stores. We also learned how to approach  distributors and rep agencies for large orders.  As maturity set in, I began to realize this type of business didn't compliment who I had become as a person, therefore I stepped away from the company that no longer shared my visions in life. Even after selling the name and business, the dolls are still sold all over the world.
 The great success the Idea Experts had with the antenna figures came from our developed relationships with both the manufacturers and the retailers which resulted in years of industry knowledge mixed with a level of creativity most people never come close to.  With our experience and staff, we are equipped to help you develop, manufacture, and aggressively place your product in the Market Place. Contact us for a review and discussion about your project!"